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best 10 easy ways to lose weight

Karina Rachel I’m a certified healthcoach and today I want to give you teneasy ways to lose weight so I want tostart out by asking you a question doyou consume products like these thathave the word diet or have the wordlight on them do you think that they’rehelping you lose weight today I’m goingto give you ten easy practical tips thatwill help you lose weight and I’m goingto tell you the truth about productslike these at the root of weight losslive hunger and my first tip is to learnhow to control your hunger so thathunger stops controlling you it’s gonnabe a lot easier to live our lives ifwe’re just not feeling hungry all thetime then if we’re constantly hungry andwe’re constantly trying to resist eatingfoods so I have a couple videos thattalk about controlling hunger theprimary thing is eating whole naturalfoods as long as you’re eating a diet ofprocessed foods you are always going tofeel hungry you’re never going to reallyfeel satisfied eating a lot of refinedcarbohydrates and sugar is also going tocontribute to you never really beingable to satisfy your hunger but once youcan actually satisfy your hunger andachieve that feeling of being fullthat’s going to be the first step toreally losing weight the calories thatwe drink are perhaps the most insidiouscalories that we consume because wedon’t associate sugary drinks withweight gain the way we associate candybars and hamburgers with weight gain butyou can just imagine that big gulp onyour thighs because sugary drinks doturn into fat and do cause weight gainso giving up sugary drinks is a reallygood way to start losing weight becauseyou’re going to cut out a huge amount ofsugar and calories that you may not evenbe realizing you’re consuming anothernote about this mountain dew it contains77 grams of sugar and carbohydrateswhich is actually more than a candy barso replacing the soft drinks and evenfruit juices which are also really highin sugar with healthier beverages isgoing to be a really good idea realizethat water is the only beverage that’sreally going to satisfy your thirst ifyour feelings thirsty with the exceptionof coconut water which is also a healthybeverage you can also drink teayou can drink kombucha you can drinkwater that’s flavored with fruit orflavored with cucumbers for instance andall of these beverages are going to beway healthier than your fruit juices oryour soft drinks so let’s talk about thesugar free and diet products that peopleoften replace their sugary beverages andfoods with so realize that the claimsmade on the front of the label likesugar free diet light healthy choicethey’re there for marketing purposesonly but you’re smarter than thesemarketing people so you actually want tolook at the back of the food and whatyou’ll see oftentimes is a really longingredient listlike this one and recognize that whenyou see that really long ingredient listyou are about to eat toxic sludge andwhether or not you really care aboutbeing healthy let’s say all you careabout is losing weight realize that thetoxic sludge still isn’t going to helpyou these products also containartificial sweeteners like aspartame andactually all three of these productsright hereall three contain aspartame andaspartame is known to have toxic effectsand it also contributes to blood sugarmetabolism issues and in general is notgoing to help you lose weight sosometimes people will ask me korrina howdo you resist these processed foodsthey’re super convenient they’re supercheap and I tell them well it’s kind oflike asking how I resisttoxic sludge I recognize that theseproducts not only aren’t gonna help youlose weight but they are really reallyunhealthy on top of that be smarter thanthe marketing guy and don’t just trustwhat’s on the front of the label andlook on the back of the label chancesare if you are trying to lose weightthen you eat a lot of fat-free andnonfat products like skim milk ormargarine for instance and even thoughthey demonized fats over the last coupledecades they told us that fats causeheart disease fats are what make us fatafter a couple of decades they’reactually realizing that it’s really thecarbohydrates and sugar that are leadingto obesity and leading to heart diseaseand the lack of fats and people’s dietis leading to health problems so we needfats for the health of our brain for thehealth of our heart but also becausefats are a big part of what helped usfeel full and help us feel satisfiedafter we eat a meal so it kind of goesback to my first tip about controllingour hunger a key to controlling ourhunger is actually eating some goodhealthy fats like olive oil coconut oilnuts avocados don’t demonize fatsrealize that good healthy fats are goodfor you and that eating more fats isactually going to help you lose weightif you are starving yourself andcounting calories then you just need tostop not only is your irritabilitybecoming a problem for everyone aroundyou and probably for you alsobut starvation and limiting our caloricintake doesn’t really help us loseweight so maybe initially we’ll do someweight but this is not a sustainable wayto achieve weight loss so realize thatif you are restricting your caloriesyour body is thinking that it’s goingthrough a famine and it thinks that itneeds to survive this period of timethat food is not available so it’sactually gonna cling on to every bit offat that you have because it’s thinkingthat otherwise it might starve to deathso limiting our calories it’s kind ofyou know it’s kind of backwards thinkingwe would think that we would lose weightbut really limiting your calories is notgoing to help you lose weight it’s alsogoing to create a really stressfulsituation in your body that’s gonna havea lot of other health implications aswell so rather than counting caloriesand limiting our calories we want tofocus on eating the right calories so ifwe stay away from these processed foodswith a really long frankenfoodingredient list and focus on eatingwhole natural foods like the ones that Imentioned in basic nutrition what to eatthen you’re gonna know that everycalorie you get is helping you have morenutrition it’s giving you fiber it’sgonna help satisfy your hunger and fillyou up so rather than focusing onlimiting your calories you want to focuson just improving the calories thatyou’re consuming the weight-lossindustry is a 60 billion dollar industryfull of miracle products that areoffering you a quick fix for weight lossso there’s diet pills diet programsprepackaged meals fitness doodads andall of them will proclaim that they’regonna help you lose weight but if youlook at the small print you’ll see thatalmost every single one of them saysresults not typical diet and exerciseare really important so it leaves youwondering is it the diet and exercise oris it the crazy doodad that the personpurchased and I also have to point outthat when you’ve got a celebrityendorsing a product that celebrity has awhole team of people helping them withFitness helping them with their diethelping groom them there’s not somethingthat they’ve done on their own so justbecause this so-called pill or thisso-called product worked for a celebritydoesn’t mean it’s gonna work for you sothis tip is to save your money on weightloss pills prepackaged meals and fitnessdoodads and spend that money on healthynatural foods that are actually going tohelp you control your hunger avoid toxicsludge etcetc so if you can stop looking for thatquick fixthen that’s gonna actually help you loseweight because you can be a lot morerealistic with yourself and a lot morerealistic about what’s actually going tohelp you lose weight and what’s actuallyjust wasting your money if you arestressing yourself out over losingweight loss then that stress could bethe very thing sabotaging your weightloss efforts realize that when your bodyis stressed out your body’s going toprioritize the basic functions likeimmunity and digestion and it’s going toput things like fat metabolism andmuscle formation on the back burnerso even if you’re working working out awhole lot if you’re really stressed outthen your body is not going to beburning fat as efficiently as it wouldbe if you are managing your stress andyou weren’t so stressed out so make timefor relaxation and stress relief anotherimportant way to keep your cortisollevels low is by eating more slowlyeating more consciously paying attentionto what you’re eatingrather than multitasking a milliondifferent things while you’re eating anddriving or eating at your desk orsomething like that and if you aren’tworking out then you need to be workingout because just a sedentary lifestyleis another thing that can contribute toour body being stressed out one of myfavorite tips is that if you can’t maketime for physical activity then findways to make your daily activities moreactive so things like doing calf raisesand squatswhile you’re brushing your teeth orwhile you’re washing the dishes ortaking the stairs instead of theelevator making time for stress reliefand making time for physical activity isa really important part not only ofoverall health but also of losing weightextreme hunger is really our enemy ifwe’re trying to lose weight because whenwe get really frantically extremelyhungry we’re going to be 10 times morelikely to make an unhealthy decision orto resort to those convenience foodsthat we know we should avoid so junkfood fast food vending machine food etcand we’re going to have a lot morestrength in resisting those conveniencefoods if we don’t let ourselves get justincredibly incredibly hungry so snacksare the primary way to prevent that fromhappening right if we carry around somehealthy snacks with us then at the pointthat you start feeling really hungry youcan munch on an apple or an orange eatsome nuts eat an avocado eat somethingthat is going to tide you over until youcan make a healthier meal choice and aslong as we have an alternative to thoseconvenience foods those really unhealthyconvenience foods then we’re going to beable to resist them a lot easier than ifwe’re just trying to resist them anddeal with the hunger right because it’sreally hard to mind-over-matter overcomeyour hunger so healthy snacks are mynext tip if you want to hear of more ofa discussion on snacking and whether ornot to snack I have an entire video onthat topic but the tip I want you totake with you is to start carryingaround healthy snacks in your purse soyou have them with you all the time togive you an alternative to thoseconvenience foods that often get thebest of usstop rewarding yourself with junk foodand start rewarding yourself withhealthier foods so oftentimes this issomething that actually starts in ourchildhood where at school will receive apiece of candy for a good grade or maybeour parents will take us out for icecream and what this does is it kind ofconditions us to associate junk foodwith a reward and so it actuallyactivates the reward pathway in ourbrain every time we eat junk food so thegood news is that you can reconditiontheir reward pathways in your brain andthis is really pretty easy to do so youjust want to start rewarding yourselfwith healthier food so after a longstressful day or after you succeed insomething you get a good grade onsomething or you complete a projectreward yourself with something healthierso maybe it’s just a healthy version ofsomething you would already eat like acookie or a piece of cake but you justwant to make sure that it’s not thisfrankenfood toxic sludge kind of a thingwith a really long ingredient list youcan actually find cookies that are madewithout high fructose corn syrup thatare made without enriched flour and thataren’t these processed food toxic sludgenightmares that I talked about earlieranother way you could think about thisis just replacing your unhealthy foodswith healthier foods so steamed carrotswith cinnamon is a way that I love tosatisfy my sugar craving for instanceanother example would be fruit andwhether you want to just eat the wholefruit by itself or you want to have alittle fruit Medellin or something likethat eating fruit is gonna be way wayWAY healthier than eating a candy bardrinking a soda or something like thatso the more that you just start toreward yourself with healthy foods themore that your brain will actually findhealthy foods more rewarding and you canstart reversing this process ofassociating junk food with being areward so if we want to have sustainableweight loss which is what everybodywants right because nobody wants to losethe weight gain it back and then have toloseagain then we’re going to need to createhealthy habits and rather than going ona diet for a set period of time and thentotally letting loose the minute we getoff the diet we actually want to focuson creating healthy habits that we’regonna have for the long haul and most ofus would say I’m a creature of habit Iknow that I definitely feel that wayand the good thing about being acreature of habit is that once you startbuilding these healthy habits it’llbecome a habit that you won’t even haveto think about anymoreso rather than focusing on breaking thebad habits we’re gonna focus ondeveloping good new habits and I’m goingto encourage you to start really reallysmall so something like I’m going toreplace one soda drink or one soft drinkper week with a healthy beverage and therest you can drink your sodas but onetime per week I’m gonna replace thatthat soda drink with a healthier drinkor I’m going to spend one minute per daydoing some physical exercise or doingsome stress relief and you can makethose habits a little more habitual bydoing them at the same time every day ordoing them on the same day of the weekeach week so I just want to reiteratethat the more you can give yourselfreasonable goals that you can actuallysee yourself successfully reaching themore you’re just gonna build wins andeach time you have a little win eachtime you have a little success it’sgonna propel you forward and motivateyou to keep on going so this tip is tostart creating habits and even if theyare super super tiny that’s actuallygoing to be more likelihood that you’regonna keep that habit if it’s actually asmall habit and a reasonable goal thengiving yourself really outlandish habitsor trying to do something kind ofimpossible like say I’m never gonnadrink another soda or I am never goingto you know eat another fast food mealgive yourself reasonable realistic goalsand then you’ll actually reach them in afuture video I’m going to count down thetop 10 foods that are preventing youfrom losing weight and I’m gonna giveyou alternative foods that’ll actuallyhelp you lose weight preparing healthymeals ourselves is going to be thenumber one way that we can get away fromthe toxic sludge processed food mealsand actually start losing weight andactually get healthier so in futurevideos I’m going to take you into mystupid easy kitchen and show youridiculously simple healthy meals thatyou can make at home thank you so muchfor watching my video today please leaveme a comment and let me know yourthoughts about any of the information Ishared and any topic requests that you’dlike me to address in future videos ifyou’d like to learn more about me and myone-on-one health coaching you can visitCorinna Rachel calm please be sure tosubscribe to the psyche truth Channel weare dedicated to helping you takecontrol of your health and happiness wepost a new video every single day thankyou so much give me a thumbs up and Ilook forward to seeing you again nexttime after this video you may bewondering gee whiz karena what’s leftfor me to eat check out my video basicnutrition what to eat my number 1 weightloss tip is to learn how to control yourhunger to see my video on this topiccheck out hunger sucks for some reallysimple guidelines on how to tell thedifference between a processed freakinfood and a healthy natural food checkout my video the easiest diet ever whatare the worst foods out therecontributing to obesity and preventingus from losing weight check out my videothe top 10 obesity causing foods

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