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food list for successful keto diet

best keto diet foods

a ketogenic diet is founded on a fewbasic principles lots of fat moderateamounts of protein plenty of veggies ina very very small amount ofcarbohydrates it’s a much different foodpyramid than most of us are used to andif the idea of reimagining your entirediet feels overwhelming you’re not alonenearly everyone who has embarked on theketo journey felt the same way in thebeginning here’s the most importantthing to remember you don’t have to makeup your new diet from scratchthere are keto resources guides mealplanning tools and tons of recipesonline to help you cook and eat in thisnew way right here it rolled me we offera comprehensive keto food list as wellas recipes for every meal plus snacksour keto food list is one of the bestplaces to start as you calculate yourmacros put together your shopping listand plan for what you’ll be eating eachday to help your body switch over into aketogenic state and become a fat-burningmachine let’s take a look at some of thefoods you’ll be eating on a keto dietfirst we’ll categorize them into foodgroups fats and oils are a big part ofthe keto diet not all fats are the sameand some should be avoided saturatedfats like butter ghee which is clarifiedbutter coconut oil MCT oils and tallowor lard can be freely use them forfrying or sauteing foods or mixing intodishes like the now famous keto proofcoffee monounsaturated fats likecold-pressed olive flax avocado andmacadamia nut oil should also be eatenas often as you like add them to saucesand dressings or drizzle atop otherfoods naturally occurringpolyunsaturated fats like the onesyou’ll find an animaland fatty fish are very nutritious themup however beware that processedpolyunsaturated and trans fats like theones you see and so-called heart-healthymargarine spreads should always beavoidedone other thing to consider is keepingyour omegas and balanced by eatingplenty of wild salmon tuna trout andshellfish for Omega threes or taking asmall fish oil supplement keep an eye onyour intake of nut or seed based foodsas these can be high in inflammatoryomega-6s proteins are also an importantcornerstone of the diet wheneverpossible choose organic pasture-raisedand grass-fed meat be careful not to eattoo much protein this can result inlower levels of ketones and increasedproduction of glucose so try to pairproteins with fattier side dishes andsauces wild caught fish like catfish codflounder halibut mackerel mahi mahisalmon snapper trout and tuna are allgood choicesremember fatty or fish is better othertypes of seafood like clams oysterslobster crab scallops mussels and squidprovide protein though some may containcarbs as well so watch out whole eggsare one of the most affordable andversatile protein sources look forfree-range eggs from a local grocerystore or farmers market one egg contains6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fattry them hard boiled scrambled friedpoached and devil when it comes to beefchoose fattier cuts and blends for steakask your butcher what has high fatcontent ribeye is usually a good one forground beef read the package and buyfattier ratios like 85/15 or 80/20 thesame goes for pork always look forfattier cuts of ground pork pork loinpork chops tenderloin and ham bacon is aketo favorite but read the packaging tomake sure there aren’t added sweetenerslike brown sugar cured pork productslike sausages often contain added sugarsand other processed ingredients be sureto avoid them choose dark meat overwhite meat when buying poultry likechicken duck quailanother wild game similarly always lookfor fatty versus lean cuts of othermeans such as veal goat lamb and turkeyoffal and organs like heart liver kidneyand tongue provide protein as well asvitamins and nutrients nut butters are anon meat source of protein but be sureto choose natural unsweetened versionsand go for ones with more fat likealmond butter and macadamia nut butternut and seed flours are commonly used inQuito baking just remember that theseshould be consumed in moderation producewhether fresh or frozen is reallyimportant to the keto diet and forgeneral health but some fruits andveggies are very high in natural sugarsand thus should be avoided a good ruleof thumb is to stick with above-groundvegetables some veggies to load up onour broccoli cauliflower cabbage greenbeans Swiss chard romaine lettuce andspinach limit your intake of hire carveggies like baby bella mushrooms squashparsnips beets and garlic and nightshades like tomatoes bell peppers andeggplant citrus fruits and berriesshould be eaten with careful moderationand sweet starchy produce like sweetpotatoes and bananas should never beconsumed for more info on eating veggieson a keto diet read the blog post titledthe best low carb vegetables free ketounrolled me when shopping for dairyalways be sure to buy full fat dairyitems and choose organic and raw whenpossible highly processed dairy normallyhas 2 to 5 times the number of carbs asthe raw and organic versions and thisdefinitely adds up over time full fatheavy whipping cream Greek yogurt creamcheese half-and-half and marscapone arecommonly consumed dairy products in theketo diet moderate amounts of softcheeses like mozzarella Monterey Jackand Brie are fine but hard cheeses suchas a cheddar parmesan feta and Swisstend to be better bet since they’relowering carbs take care to monitor yourdairy levels when eating a protein heavymeal to keep your macros in balance ifyou’ve hit a plateau or slowed down inweight loss consider cutting back onsome dairy nearly all foods needsseasoning to taste good don’t worryabout tracking most spices sea saltpepper as you cook spices do containcarbs so if you’re using a remarkableamount of them in a recipe make sure younote those however you track your macrospass on prepackaged spice blends as manyof them contain sugars and other fillersthe place to be vigilant is with saucesdressings and condiments manystore-bought versions are loaded withsweeteners making these items yourselfis preferable though it can betime-consuming some easier sauces tomake from scratch include brown butterand simple vinaigrettes if you do go forpremade condiments read the labelscarefully look for ketchup mustardrelish and hot sauces with no sugaradded probiotic rich sauerkrauthorseradish Wurst assure sauce and fattysalad dressings like ranch and Caesarfinally drink water we recommend agallon of water each day the ketogenicdiet has a natural diuretic effect andmany people starting out notice periodsof dehydration if you’re prone to UTIsor bladder pain it’s extra important tointentionally drink more waterthroughout the day you can occasionallyadd sucrose or stevia sweet and flavorpackets or some fresh-squeezed lemonlime or orange to your water bottle fora change of paceother good keto beverages include bonebroth which is loaded with vitamins andnutrients and revs up your energy byreplenishing electrolytes many of usrely on coffee for that improved mentalfocus especially in the morning howevertoo much caffeine can stall weight lossso try to stick to just two cups ofcaffeinated beverages including tea eachday if you like tea choose plain blackor green avoid flavors and add someheavy cream to boost the fat intakecoconut and almond milks are good dairyalternatives but be sure to use onlyunsweetened versions steer clear of dietsodas which can lead to sugar cravingsand sometimes cause insulin spikes inthe long run and when it comes toalcohol note that frequent consumptionwill slow weight loss Tam if and whenyou do drink choose hard liquor as mostbeers and wines are way too high incarbs thanks so much for watching wehope this has been a helpful guide towhat foods we do and don’t eat on aketogenic diet stay tuned to ruled mefor everything you want to know aboutketo including more informative videosmeal plans and recipes blog poststestimonials and so much more

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