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KETO Diet Menu Plan to Lose Weight In Just 7 Days

what is the ketogenic diet and how itdiffers from all other diets there areso many different diets out there thatit can feel like you’re drowning in asea of endless choices but look nofurther because the ketogenic diet haspretty much everything you needamong the proven health benefits of thisdiet our weight loss mental focusincreased energy controlled blood sugarstabilized blood pressure and so manymore interested think keep on watchingbefore we get into all the tasty detailshit that subscribe button and ring thenotification bell to hang out on thebright side of life more often okay sowhat exactly is the ketogenic diet andhow does it workwell the word keto comes from the nameof small molecules that our bodiesproduce called ketones they’re basicallyan alternative fuel source that yourbody uses when glucose aka blood sugaris in short supply if you consume fewercarbs the things that break up intoblood sugar quickly and moderate amountsof protein which can be converted intoblood sugar as well your body producesthe necessary amount of ketones andstarts running almost entirely on fatyour insulin levels become really lowwhile fat burning increases dramaticallyto put it short when you follow theketogenic diet it becomes easier foryour system to get access to your fatstores and burn them off as a result youlose weight incredibly fast but unlike alot of crash diets out there this onedoesn’t hurt your system it’ll stillwork like a charm even through all thesechanges and while this diet seems like adream come truenot everyone can follow it if you havediabetes or high blood pressure and takemedication for your condition theketogenic diet isn’t for youwomen who are breastfeeding should alsosteer clear of this one always talk toyour doctor before you start a new dietbecause only a medical professional cantell if your body can handle suchchanges if they give you the green lightthey can also give you a few tips on howto make it safer and easier for yoursystem to cope with the new menuthe ketogenic diet is sort of anoverarching term there are actually afew versions you can choose fromdepending on your preferences there’sthe standard ketogenic diet a low carbmoderate protein and high fat dietconsisting of approximately 75% got 20%protein and 5% carbs cyclical ketogenicdiet involves periods of higher carbrefeed for example to higher carb daysafter five standard low-carb ketogenicdays the targeted ketogenic diet allowsyou to add carbs around your workoutsand higher protein ketogenic diet likethe standard ketogenic diet but withmore protein changing the menu to 60%fat 35% protein and 5% carbs keep inmind that the safest choices here arethe standard and high protein ketogenicdiets since they’ve been studied moreexclusively than the other two types thecyclical and targeted diets are moresuitable for bodybuilders or athletesbut enough with the theory let’s have alook at what you can and can’t eat whileon a standard ketogenic diet you shouldbase the majority of your meals aroundthese foods and ingredients meat likered meat steakham sausage bacon chicken or turkeyfatty fish including salmon trout andtuna pastured or omega-3 pool eggsgrass-fed butter and cream unprocessedcheese such as goat cheese cream cheeseblue cheese or mozzarella nuts and seedslike almonds walnuts pumpkin seeds orchia seeds healthy oils especiallyextra-virgin olive oil coconut oil andavocado oil low carb vegetables tomatoesonions peppers and most green leafyveggies will do healthy herbs and spicesas for the food you should avoid underany circumstances they are sugary foodssuch as soda smoothies cake ice creamcandy andanything of the like fruits thatincludes whole fruit and fruit juicegrains or starches ‘m including wheatbased products rice pasta or cerealbeans or legumes such as peas kidneybeans lentils or chickpeas rootvegetables and tubersfor example potatoes sweet potatoescarrots or parsnips the products labeledlow-fat or diet unhealthy fat the kindfound in vegetable oils mayonnaise andother products alcohol the perfectbeverage choices for the ketogenic dietare water coffee and teajust avoid sweetening those up withsugar you can add a small amount of milkor cream to your coffee though anoccasional glass of wine won’t hurt yourdiet either getting started with any newdiet always seems like the most dauntingtask but to make it a bit less confusingfor you here’s a seven-day ketogenicmeal plan that you can follow or use asan example when kree in your own day onebreakfast a sausage and spinach frittataand a cup of coffee with two tablespoonsof heavy cream lunchhalf a cup of simple egg salad forromaine lettuce leaves and two slices ofbacon dinner 6 ounces of rotisseriechicken 3/4 cup of cauliflower gratin2 cups of chopped romaine lettuce and 2tablespoons of sugar free Caesar saladdressing between meal snacks half anavocado with light salt and pepper and24 raw almondsday two breakfast again a sausage andspinach frittata and a cup of coffeewith heavy cream if you want to changethings up you can make an egg tomatobasil and goat cheese omelet insteadlunch two cups of chopped romainelettuce two tablespoons of sugar freeCaesar salad dressing and one cup ofchopped leftover chicken fromyesterday’s dinner dinner one Italiansausage link one cup of cooked broccolione tablespoon of butter and twotablespoons of grated Parmesan cheesebetween meal snacks have another half anavocado with light salt and pepper andadd five sticks of celery with twotablespoons of almond butter day threebreakfast – cream cheese cupcakes twoslices of bacon and a cup of coffee withtwo tablespoons of heavy cream lunch oneItalian sausage length was 3/4 cup ofcauliflower gratin or you can have ashrimp salad with olive oil and avocadofor a changedinner 1 and 1/2 cup of chili spaghettisquash casserole 2 cups of raw babyspinach and 1 tablespoon of sugar freeranch dressing between meal snacks twosticks of strength cheese and one cup ofbone broth day for breakfast we’re backto a sausage and spinach frittata and acup of coffee with heavy cream to drinksugar free yogurt with peanut buttercocoa powder and stevia is analternative option as well lunch one anda half cups of Chile spaghetti squashcasserole or stir-fried beef withvegetables cooked in coconut oil dinner1/2 a cup of antipasto salad forsun-dried tomatoes and feta meatballs 2cups of raw baby spinach 1 tablespoon ofsugar free Italian dressing between mealsnacks half an avocado with light saltand pepper and 1 cup of bone brothday five breakfast – cream cheesepancakes two slices of bacon and a cupof coffee with heavy cream or a ham andcheese omelet with vegetables lunchhalf a cup of antipasto salad and foursun-dried tomatoes and feta meatballs orchicken salad with olive oil and fetacheese dinner and one cup of Cuban potroast two cups of chopped romainelettuce two tablespoons of sour cream 1tablespoon of chopped cilantro and aquarter cup of shredded cheddar cheesebetween meal snacks five sticks ofcelery with two tablespoons of almondbutter and 1 cup of bone broth day sixbreakfast three scrambled or fried eggs1 teaspoon of butter 2 slices of baconand a cup of coffee with heavy creamlunch one cup of Cuban pot roast twocups of chopped romaine salad 2tablespoons of sour cream 1 tablespoonof chopped cilantro and a quarter cup ofshredded cheddar cheese to change thingsup you can have a burger with salsacheese and guacamole instead dinner oneand a half cups of chili spaghettisquash casserole two cups of raw babyspinach and one tablespoon of sugar freeranch dressing or steak and eggs with aside salad between meal snacks 24 rawalmonds or one cup of bone brothday seven breakfast – cream cheesepancakes two slices of bacon and a cupof coffee with heavy cream or fried eggswith bacon and mushrooms lunchhalf a cup of antipasto salad with foursun-dried tomatoes and feta meatballs ora handful of nuts and celery sticks withguacamole and salsa dinner one cup ofCuban pot roast two cups of choppedromaine lettuce two tablespoons of sourcream 1 tablespoon of chopped cilantroand 1/4 cup of shredded cheddar cheeseif you want to go with something elseyou can have pork chops with Parmesancheese broccoli and salad between mealsnacks one cup of bone broth and twosticks of string cheese and that’spretty much ityes there are a lot of repeating dishesthroughout this seven-day plan but don’tworry you can still incorporate yourfavorite meals just make sure that theyabide by the basic guidelines of theketo diet plus the internet is full ofawesome keto recipes so have a look atwhat’s out there now you mightexperience some unpleasant side effectsas you begin the ketogenic diet thebiggest one is keto flu the symptoms ofwhich include poor energy and mentalfunction increased hunger sleep issuesnausea and digestive discomfort in orderto minimize your risk of having theseproblems try a regular low carb diet forthe first few weeks before going full-onketo it’ll give your body a chance toburn more fat while gradually preparingit for the ketogenic diet following aketogenic diet that can also change yourbody’s water and mineral balance justtry to add extra salt or take mineralsupplements if you notice these changesand be sure to check in a few doctorfrom time to time despite theseunpleasant but still possibleside-effects the ketogenic diet has beenproven to have the times of amazinghealth benefits scientists from theCenter for obesity research andepidemiology at Robert Gordon Universityin the Uconfirmed that this diet can decreasethe risk of developing heart disease bystabilizing blood sugar and bloodpressure levels as well as increasingthe good cholesterol in your bloodresearchers from the department ofbiomedical sciences at italy’suniversity of padova also found thatlower insulin levels and eating lesssugar and processed foods is reallyhelpful for getting rid of acne ifyou’re still not convinced to give it ashot then check this out several studiesincluding one conducted by theDepartment of Biology at Boston Collegehave shown that a ketogenic diet can beused to treat certain types of cancerand even slow tumor growth now that’simpressiveright and that’s still not the completelist of all the health benefits thatthis diet can give you so what are youwaiting for the ketogenic diet iseverything you need to stay fit andhealthy and what do you think do dietsreally work or are they just a waste oftime sound off in the comments sectionbelow don’t forget to give us a like andclick that subscribe button to stay onthe bright side of life

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