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The Best Science-Based Diet for Fat Loss

when it comes to fat loss there’s nodoubt that your diet is the mostimportant factor that you have to getright even if your training is on pointand consistent you’re simply not goingto see the results you want without aproper nutrition strategy but this iswhere most people fail and I honestlydon’t blame them we’re constantlyoverwhelmed with new diets that aresupposedly the new best way to lose fatso what becomes extremely difficult toknow which approach to take but the realtruth is every single diet or dietingmethod out there works the exact sameway they all achieve fat loss by causingyou to eat at a caloric deficit meaningthat you’re eating less calories andyou’re burning every day research hasproven time and time again that whetherit’s keto intermittent fasting and so onalthough these diets may each havecertain psychological and physiologicalbenefitsnone of these diets or methods have anyspecial fat loss effect the instead workby making it easier for you to eat lesscalories simply meaning that the bestdiet for fat loss is really the one thatyou personally enjoy the most and willbe most consistent with however withthat being said regardless of whatapproach you choose there are a fewfactors that you need to get right inorder to optimize your diet for fat lossand are mainly how many total caloriesprotein carbs and fats are consuming ona daily basis so as for your calorieintake if you want to maximize fat losswhile minimizing muscle loss then youhave to pay close attention to how manycalories you’re in taking researchindicates that this is best done with amoderate caloric deficit that enablesyou to lose around 0.7 percent of yourbody weight per week which is around 1pound of weight loss per week for mostpeople in fact a more aggressive caloriedeficit was actually shown to hinder fatloss as opposed to accelerated and ifyou’re unaware of what your calorieintake should be a good starting pointand something recommended from a 2014paper from Eric Helms and colleagues isto simply multiply your body weight by13 although this won’t be spot-on foreveryone you can start with that andthen increase or decrease your caloriesbased on how your weight loss progressesthroughout the next little while as forprotein it’s the most important macronewyou want to keep track of since researchhas repeatedly shown that it plays amajor role in maintaining muscle whileyou’re in a caloric deficit and althoughhow much protein you should intake willalways be a highly debated topic arecent 2018 meta-analysis from theJournal of Sports Medicine found that intaking at least 0.73 grams of proteinper pound of body weight is enough tomaximize muscle growth and maintenancehowever I personally find that in takinga little more than this is beneficialwhen restricting calories since we knowthat protein is the most satiatedmacronutrient so it can better help keepyou full throughout the day and it justacts as a buffer to help minimize anypotential muscle lossnow as for carbs and fats despite theongoing debate between low fat versuslow carb diets a recent 2018 year-longrandomized clinical trial with over 600subjects found that one protein is thesame both low-fat and low-carb diets areequally as effective for fat loss so inreality these two factors can beadjusted based on what kinds of foodsyou enjoy but generally the literaturerecommends a fat intake of around 0.25to 0.5 grams per pound of body weightfrom healthy fats and then the rest ofyour calories minus your protein ofcourse coming from carbs research doesalso suggest that females might dobetter sticking to the higher end ofthat fat range so that’s something tokeep in mind as well now that you’velearned the basics regarding setting upand optimizing your diet for fat losslet’s take a look at what a typical dayof eating for fat loss looks like for meso before we get started with the firstmeal here are the main goals I try toachieve with my diet goal one is what Ipreviously discussed and currently mymain focus is to intake roughly 2,300calories and around 165 grams of proteina day goal 2 is to help keep me fullsince fruits and veggies are often lowin calories and they help me minimizeany micronutrient or fiber deficienciesgo 3 is a good idea for optimizing dailyprotein intake since as shown inBradshaw in Fell’s 2018 study in orderto maximize muscle anabolism your dailyprotein intake should ideally be spreadacrossa minimum of four meals throughout theday and goal four is just vital for myoverall well-being and adherence to thediet so with that being said let’s startwith meal one so my breakfast usuallyconsists of a smoothie with thefollowing ingredients fruits and flaxseed from my micronutrients fiber andomega-3 intake cashew milk since it’smuch lower in calories and dairy milkyet still provides calcium and vitamin Dwhey isolate protein to contribute to mydaily protein intake and a few grams ofcinnamon which helps add taste and hasquite a bit of research supporting itsability to improve insulin sensitivityand with my smoothie I usually have ricecakes and the other half of the banana Ipreferred this as my pre-workout mealsince it consists of a fast digestingprotein and high glycemic index carbswhich as explained in my previous videoseems to be ideal for performance basedon the literature now as for yourpost-workout meal contrary to popularbelief and as shown in this 2013literature review on the topic consuminga meal immediately post-workout doesn’tseem to be very important if you’ve hada pre-workout meal with sufficientprotein but since you do ideally want tospace out your protein intake havinganother meal at least within a few hoursafter your workout would be recommendedI personally prefer keeping it simplewith baked sweet potato baked chickenbreasts and a large salad on the sidewith low-calorie dressing again simplystick into unprocessed foods that helpcontribute to my overall micronutrientintake for the day throughout the day Iusually have a few more servings ofvarious fruits and vegetables and acombination of black coffee and greentea these are all quite low in caloriesit helped keep me full until the nextmeal and the caffeine found in green teaand coffee is a natural appetitesuppressant and has actually been shownto increase your caloric expenditureresearch from the Journal of ClinicalNutrition suggests that a couple cups ofcoffee can lead to an additional 80 orso more calories burned throughout theday and the fact that research alsoshows that caffeine may increase fatusage by the body makes it something I’drecommend incorporating in yourif you enjoy it sushi is by far myfavorite food so I tend to have it quiteoften the great thing about knowing howmuch you should be eating is that you’reable to fit in foods that you enjoywithout it affecting your progress nowaside from being a relatively lowcalorie high protein choicethe salmon helps provide the importantomega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA whichhave recently been shown in a 20-18literature review to possibly help withanabolic signaling and muscle repair andgrowth so in taking a few servings offish per week and supplementing withOmega threes is something and highlyrecommend this is something I’lltypically have shortly before bed sinceI personally enjoy going to bed feelingfull and it doesn’t impact my sleep it’susually a combination of eggs egg whitestoast peanut butter topped with steviasweetener and a salad with zero caloriedressing and for those against eatingthis late the literature has shown timeand time again that eating carbs or evenfood in general late at night will notcontribute to fat gain given that you’restill staying at a caloric deficitsomething I do want to mention though isthat for very calorie dense foods likepeanut butter I would highly recommendthat you take the time and effort to atleast measure or even better way out howmuch you’re using several studies haveshown that underreporting calories is avery common reason why overweightindividuals struggle to lose fat despitedieting which is probably because it’sso easy to do for example here’s 300calories worth of peanut butter comparedto 100 calories the difference is almostunnoticeable if this can easily be thefactor that’s inhibiting your fat lossso if you have any measuring tools I’dsuggest you use those otherwise I’llleave a link in the description box downbelow to a very affordable scale that Ipersonally use myself but that’s prettymuch what a day of eating for fat losslooks like for me hopefully thisprovides you with some insight as to howto approach and optimize your diet forfat loss the key is really toincorporate foods you personally enjoyeating in order to create the diet thatyou can adhere to the best now as forany supplements you should be takingI’ve got a little giveaway planned foryou guys thanks for watching guys so Ihave a huge surprise for you as a way ofgivingback since I did just recently surpass400,000 subscribers on YouTube which ishonestly just crazy to me so the threesupplements I recommend you take duringany fat loss phase are protein creatineand pre-workout these three supplementshave by far the most research backingthem compared to anything else andluckily for you the team over at atomicstrength nutrition has agreed to partnerwith me to do a huge giveaway on thesethree exact supplements we’re givingaway 50 5-0 of these stacks which areeach over $140 in value it’s very simpleall you have to do to win is one followme on Instagram which I’ll link here andin the description box down below tolike my most recent folder where I’mholding the supplements and three leavea comment by tagging a friend andtelling me what country you’re from inexactly one week I’ll be choosing 50winners who will receive this thatcompletely free of charge I’m notgetting paid at all for this guys I justwanted to do something to show myappreciation for all your support andall of atomic strength nutrition’sproducts are high quality and heavilybacked by science so you can trust thesupplements that you’re getting and I’llbe doing more giveaways like this in thefuture so make sure you stay updated byfollowing me on Instagram I also post alot of informative content on there aswell anyways that’s it for this videoguys if you enjoyed it please don’tforget to give it a like leave a commentdown below and subscribe to my channeland turn on notifications from mychannel as well as this all really doeshelp me out and as always for thoseinterested I’ll leave a link in thedescription box down below to thewritten summary of this video on mywebsite built with science calm thanksso much everyone I’ll see you next time

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